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Sights and activities

During your stay at the hotel Spiros you can visit all the sights of our region, but also many local places with interesting sights and monuments.

Some of the most interesting sights are:

  • The beautiful river of Acherondas, known from the antiquity, with it’s springs. Acherondas is suitable for several adventure sports
  • Nekromandio near Mesopotamos village, one of the important monuments of antiquity
  • Efyra, an ancient city of Epirus
  • The monastery of Agios Dimitrios, 2,5 km from Kipseli village
  • Pandosia, an ancient city, built 8th century B.C.
  • The ancient city of Nikopolis, built in 27 B.C.
  • The Byzantine churches, the settlements and the castles that there are in the area
  • The city of Preveza

You may also visit:

  • Lefkada island (about 20 minutes using Preveza - Aktion immersed tunnel)
  • The beautiful and cosmopolitan Parga
  • Ioannina with the lake and the islet, the castle of the city, the cave of Perama, the Museum of Greek History with the wax status of Pavlos Vrellis in Bizani
  • The ancient Dodoni, the picturesque Zagori villages, the Vikos rarive
  • Arta, Paxos and Andipaxos islands and many other

Also, the visitor may enjoy many activities and sports:

  • Trekking in Acherondas river area
  • Rafting: In Aherondas river, from Stena to the river mouth
  • Canoe-Kayak: In Aherondas river (Stena - Difficulty rate 5)
  • Horse riding - Mountain Bike
  • Fishing, water sports in our beach, etc.

The management of the hotel is always at your disposal in order to inform you about the sights of the area and the entertainment in our region. See more: www.epirus.info.

Acherondas river





Ioannina & Pamvotis lake

Bridge in Zagori


Sports in Acherondas

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